Thursday, February 17, 2011


A warm welcome to  Faith Coloured Glasses the official blog of Louise McEwan.

Faith Coloured Glasses is a blog that looks at daily life through the eyes of faith.

In the ordinary experiences of daily life, we encounter the presence and activity of the divine. We grow in knowledge of God, self, and others. Faith, personal relationships and community life are all connected.

Blog postings will relate the stuff of ordinary life to faith and how we choose to conduct ourselves. I hope that you will find postings relevant and thought provoking.

Some postings will focus on the spiritual life, while others will comment on current events. Always, we will look through faith coloured glasses.

In this blog, you will find my newspaper column. From time to time, I will also post some of my other writings.

Occasionally I will post links to other blogs that I find inspiring.  You might like this one,

Look for new postings on a bi-weekly basis.

I hope that you will join our discussion!

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